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I went to him because I am pregnant. I notice that I was gaining weight. He said the reason I am gaining weight is not because I am pregnant but because I am overeating. Yeah right the reason I am overeating is because I am eating for two.

I told him that I am pregnant because I used my vibrator and f*cked the brains out of my blow up doll. He said that I am still a virgin and there is no way that I can get pregnant and making whoopie with a blow up doll and vibrator cannot get a person pregnant. The reason I was concerned was because tough I am pregnant I keep having my period.

My husband works at Walmart home office and the employees all think I am a B*Tch, if they think I am a bi*ch without PMS wait until nine months later when I am on my period for real I can be a real b*tch them.

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MsLea's new name is Expecting1. what is she expecting? probably a pizza hut delivery followed by a chinese food delivery right after.


You think you are so funny IHateStupidCustomers, but I got you now! STOP STEALING MY USERNAME!

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