Just found out at my appointment with Dr. Hightower earlier today that I am pregnant with our first child.

Thank you Dr. Hightower. Me and my husband are new to the northwestern Arkansas area and you have been a blessing to each of us. We would like to thank you for the great services you have provided us, and we know you will continue to be there with us through it all and help deliver our new bundle of joy.

Very caring, patient and kind doctor.

An expert who is not afraid to answer all of our questions and take that extra step. THANK YOU!!

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Unfortunately these things happen with fat people. There was this party at Mcdonalds. There was this fat lady she must have weighed close to what Mrs Lea weight. Four children were too close to the cake. She wanted to eat the cake in one sitting and she ended up swallowing the children as well.

However it appears now that Mrs Lea is angry at Randall, she keeps insisting she is pregnant and that is why she is getting fat but he said it is from overeating.


I will go on record here as i feel as I should......Ms Lea ate my children too.......One night I was in Burger King and my children were playing in the playground, in the whole restaurant there were only 2 families eating. Mine and hers.....my kids disappeared and when I looked at Ms Lea again her stomach was a lot bigger then earlier in that night!!!!!



if MsLea finally left her house to go to the doctor, something other than fast food for once, then he made a mistake. when he did the ultrasound, he was either picking up a cow that MsLea had swallowed or he found MsLea's second half of her split personality.


Omg poor kid. I hope that kid gets taken away from you.any *** can have a kid but i weep for his life with you.


I do exist, but the reason that I am not defending her is because she raped me to get me pregnant. I was depressed because my coworkers laughed at me because she made a fool of herself in the Roger's store this time.

They said what did the Springdale store finally find out that I was a janitor and had no power over anyone. Anyways they kept laughing at me because of my wife so I had to hit the bottle. Little did I know that she grinded up my Prozac and her Ritalin and put it in my vodka. The next thing you know I was half naked and she was throwing up in the toilet every morning.

I don't want to have a child with her. Most likely it will turn out like her. I already have one embarrassing problem in this family. Plus this is not her first child.

I refused to take her to Mcdonald's so she ate our other children. This is like our 16th child, it will be our first child who makes it past the age of one if she does not eat it first.


so eating fast food 10 times a week isn't the usual for you? then what is the usual?

learn how to cook, you lazy trailer trash. and find a real man instead of making up your precious Bernie. because I don't see Big Bernie defending you on here.

maybe he's not a good husband? oh wait, he doesn't exist.


We don't usually eat fast food. Just on occassion. Usually it is just something like a frosty or a Mister Misty too.


okay, psycho b*tch. that doesn't mean that you just read the doctor's name out of the phonebook or something.

you'll never be fit to be a mother.

for one thing, you have no husband. and a kid watching his mom make up fake stories on the internet and always having to eat fast food is no life for a kid.


No honey, go google Dr. Hightower in Fayetteville, AR. He is a real doctor.


nice try MSLEA but no one is buying your fake stories. you aren't even capable of being a housewife.

how would you even take care of a child? show him/her how to treat people like garbage and feed the child fast food every day? you're not pregnant, you're just making up yet another story because you want us to believe that your stories are true. and nice fake doctor name by the way, Dr.

Hightower? I think that "doctor" needs to prescribe you something for your insanity.

and thank you Bernie, we already know the truth about MsLea. there's not one person on here that believes any of these ridiculous fiction stories that Lea likes to tell us. now I'm waiting for MsLea's next comment to say something like "I am pregnant and very happy!

Hightower is a good doctor. that fake person is not me.

it doesn't say Springdale!" and then she'll stop there because she's too dumb to post more than a couple of sentences. which proves even more that she's not pregnant because how could such a simple minded *** take care of a kid if she's an immature little b*tch?


Hello, Mr. Lea here again.

I am very worried about my wife. She is once again passed out on the couch after consuming a bottle of vodka. What she didn't tell you was that she flipped out on Dr. Hightower once he told her that she would have to give up the pain killers and alcohol during her pregnancy.

She threatened to have him fired, even though I work at Wal-Mart and not the doctor's office.

I'm worried that my baby will turn out worse than me all because of my wife. For the time being, I will be leaving my home because once my wife finds this comment, she will come after me with a rolling pin (she doesn't know that rolling pins are to be used for cooking. She things they are made for beating your spouse).

Please keep my baby and my life (to a lesser extent) in your prayers.

-Bernie (aka Mr. Lea)


Congratulations! I'm sure you will have high hopes for your new baby! With the proper parenting, your child will go far.

With your parenting, your baby will replace your husband as a Wal-Mart Home Office janitor.

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